How to use Cipper Share Now!?

Super easy, only 2 steps.
  1. Install the app from App Store, and login with your Facebook account.
  2. Login with Facebook to our website to share things from your desktop to your iOS devices.

Why there are only 5 records on Cipper Share Now!?

We are working on a paid-version app so that you’ll get more records. However, we’re trying to make the free app great, too. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Why I can’t share things from iOS devices to Facebook?

We only support Facebook sharing on iOS6+, please upgrade the iOS if necessary.

Is there any limit for sharing things from my iOS devices?

No, and that’s why we design the app, please feel free to share thing from our app.

Contact Us

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at, thank you.