About Us

Our goal at Cipper Apps is to provide the best tools, platforms as well as a better life to you. Cipper Share Now! is one of our products which make our goal come true. You may send whatever you want from desktop to all your iOS devices just in seconds.
The reason why we build Cipper Share Now! is that we don’t want to convert text or URL into QRCode and then scan it. Though it works, it takes several steps and time. We knew there must be a new way to get things from one place to another, so here comes the Cipper Share Now!

Cipper Apps

  • Temperature Now!
    Unbelievable elegant and easy! Looking for the best app for temperature?
  • Humidity Now!
    The best way to get the humidity information on iOS device.
  • Contact Now!
    A new way to find a contact & make a phone call, just "Search" & "Tab", Contact Now! does save your time, it's really fast.
  • Bus Now! London
    It is a handy tool to check the real-time departure information of London bus service.

Our Teams

Jack Lin, CEO & Founder
jack at cipper.com
Jessin Tu, Marketing
jessin at cipper.com